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Christopher Hitchens über die Achse des Bösen

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Video: Mikroboy – Raus mit der schlechten Luft, rein mit der guten

Das Debütalbum Nennt es, wie Ihr wollt von Mikroboy ist heute erschienen.

Über das enttäuschende Ende von Battlestar Galactica

During its run, BSG offered much that TV SF has never given us:

* Artificial minds in humanoid bodies who were emotional, sexual and religious.
* Getting a general audience to undertand the “humanity” of these machines.
* Stirring space battles with much better concepts of space than typically found on TV. Bullets and missiles, not force-rays.
* No bumpy-head aliens, no planet of the week, no cute time travel or alternate-reality-where-everybody-is-evil episodes.
* Dark stories of interesting characters.
* Multiple copies of the same being, beings programmed to think they were human, beings able to transfer their mind to a new body at the moment of death.
* A mystery about the origins of the society and its legends, and a mystery about a lost planet named Earth.
* A mystery about the origin of the Cylons and their reasons for their genocide.
* Daring use of concepts like suicide bombing and terrorism by the protagonists.
* Kick-ass leadership characters in Adama and Roslin who were complex, but neither over the top nor understated.
* Starbuck as a woman. Before she became a toy of god, at least.
* Baltar: One of the best TV villains ever, a self-centered slightly mad scientist who does evil without wishing to, manipulated by a strange vision in his head.
* Other superb characters, notably Tigh, Tyrol, Gaeta and Zarek.

But it all came to a far lesser end due to the following failures I will outline in too much detail:

* The confirmation/revelation of an intervening god as the driving force behind events
* The use of that god to resolve large numbers of major plot points
* A number of significant scientific mistakes on major plot points, including:
o Twisting the whole story to fit a completely wrong idea of what Mitochondrial Eve is
o To support that concept, an impossible-to-credit political shift among the characters
o The use of concepts from Intelligent Design to resolve plot issues.
o The introduction of the nonsense idea of “collective unconscious” to explain cultural similarities.
* The use of “big secrets” to dominate what was supposed to be a character-driven story
* Removing all connection to our reality by trying to build a poorly constructed one
* Mistakes, one of them major and never corrected, which misled the audience

And then I’ll explain the reason why the fall was so great — how, until the last moments, a few minor differences could have fixed most of the problems.

Dies ist nur ein klitzekleiner Vorgeschmack auf Brad Templetons Essay Battlestar’s „Daybreak:“ The worst ending in the history of on-screen science fiction. [via Framing Science]

Teaser: Cemetery Junction

Cemetery Junction ist der erste Film von Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, den Machern von The Office und „Extras.

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Video: Jenny Lewis – See Fernando

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Trailer: District 9

Turkish Rambo speaks

Serdar Kebabçilar, der Hauptdarsteller der türkischen Ripoffs von Rambo, Rocky und Mad Max, spricht über sein Leben und die türkische Filmindustrie der Achtziger.

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Bonus: Der Trailer zu RAMPAGE (Korkusuz) (mehr…)

Das 18. Poster zu Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds Poster
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Das anderen 17 Poster gibt es bei Trailer Addict zu sehen.

Look at this fucking hipster


Jedem, der zumindest über das Bild schmunzeln muss, kann ich das Tumblrblog Look at this fucking hipster nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Video: Set Your Goals – This Will Be The Death Of Us

Dies ist der erste, etwas gewöhnungsbedürftige, nach mehrmaligem Anhören aber doch sehr gute, Vorgeschmack auf ihr langerwartetes Album This Will Be The Death Of Us.