Ich werde ein Berliner – How to blend in wiz ze Germans

Durch Lizas Welt bin ich auf den Blog Ich werde ein Berliner aufmerksam geworden, der im Stile von Stuff White People Like zeigt ‚How to blend in wiz ze Germans‘. So steht dort u. a. folgendes geschrieben zu Underdogs:

it is important to at the least know the three most beloved underdogs of German people: Cyclists, Palestinians, and the football club FC St. Pauli.

und Tatort:

Tatort is so slow, tedious, and deliberately low-key that one 1.5 hour episode feels like a whole day going by. Halfway into it, you’ll want to inject caffeine into your eyeballs just to make it through the next minute. In good German film-making tradition, everything about it feels painfully over-endeavored and every single character is stock beyond the worst stereotype. But that’s, like, sooo not the point, Auslander. German people love Tatort for its realism and dedication to pick up controversial topics and social developments to base its stilted plots on in a really contrived way.

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