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Trailer: Never Let Me Go

Eine Verfilmung von Kazuo Ishiguros Roman Alles, was wir geben mussten [via Angie’s Tumblr]

Streams der Auftritte von Regina Spektor und The National beim Bonnaroo 2010

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Kundgebung: Free Gaza from Hamas! Gegen die Auslandseinsätze der Linkspartei

Free Gaza from Hamas

Der Ankündigungstext der Kundgebung findet sich hier.

Trailer: Somewhere

Somewhere ist der neue Film von Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation). [via]

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Caddyshack in 5 Minuten

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Ein Lobgesang auf Rambo II – Der Auftrag

Anläßlich der 25jährigen Jubiläums der Veröffentlichung des Films schreibt Nathan Wardinski über dessen Einfluss und Bedeutung u. a. Folgendes:

First Blood Part II stands out in several ways, not the least of which is its impact on filmmaking itself. The picture set a new standard for possible (and acceptable) body counts, the level of property destruction, and how the hero—and by extension the audience—should think and feel about that human and material devastation (in that we don’t). Later action films like Die Hard, Bad Boys, Braveheart, Black Hawk Down and even Avatar owe their style in whole or in part to First Blood Part II. To put it another way, First Blood Part II made possible every picture Michael Bay ever made.

Secondly, First Blood Part II is among the essential films of Reagan-Bush era. The film dramatizes one of the major conservative pillars of the post-Vietnam period: that the war was just and winnable but was lost by the bureaucrats. Rambo’s annihilation of the Vietnamese prison camp and rescue of the POWs in spite of the establishment is a fantasy of wish fulfillment to compensate for defeat in Vietnam and the film and the character embody the rehabilitation of America’s self-image throughout the 1980s; a superhero as a metaphor for a superpower. Like many fantasies, it is irrational, has little or nothing to do with reality, and is embarrassing to behold when held to the light. But like in a dream, our fantasies act out our desires and First Blood Part II fulfilled that desire.

… Sylvester Stallone returned to his character in the fourth film of the series, simply titled Rambo. Set in Burma, Rambo rescues a group of Christian missionaries who have been captured by the country’s military junta. Rambo is banned in Burma but pirated copies have found their way into the country and the film has circulated underground. Those who are caught viewing it face imprisonment and those who distribute the film risk their lives. One of Rambo’s lines from the film, “Live for nothing or die for something” became a rallying cry among the Karen resistance fighters. At the time of Rambo’s premiere, Mark Farmaner, Director of the Burma Campaign UK said, “By setting Rambo in Burma, Sylvester Stallone has done more than governments or the United Nations to draw attention to the crisis going on out of sight in the jungles of Eastern Burma.”

We tend to think of action films like the Rambo pictures as sort of silly diversions with no real artistic or social value. And some cases they are. But film and popular entertainment can not only draw attention to an ongoing social issue but to actually shape our perception of it, for good or bad, and thereby shape our reactions to it. This is why movies are important and why it is important for us, as the consumers of cinema, to think about the entertainment that is being sold to us.[via StalloneZone]

Bonus: Die „legendäre“ Blaues Licht-Szene aus dem Film (mehr…)

Sesamstraße : Elmo interviewt Neil Patrick Harris

Jon Stewart im Gespräch mit Christopher Hitchens

Zur Veröffentlichung seiner Memoiren Hitch-22 stattet Christopher Hitchens der Daily Show einen Besuch ab. [via LGF]

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In Gedenken an Alberto Adriano


MDR Info erinnert in einem kurzen, aber sehr hörenswerten, Beitrag an die Ermordung von Alberto Adriano durch 3 Neonazis im Dessauer Stadtpark.

Can‘t You Hear Me Rockin‘?

Aus dem Leben eines Guitar Hero. Ein Kurzfilm von Film Junk-Podcaster Jay Cheel.