Lars von Trier scherzt: ‚I am a Nazi‘

Lars von Trier scheint er die Einfüsse seines neuen Films Melancholia, doch etwas zu sehr verinnerlicht zu haben:

He said that he felt he may have got carried away with the film’s high Germanic romanticism, with the first 10 minutes devoted to a series of visually arresting, apocalyptic tableaux set against the complete Prelude to Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde.

So zeigte er sich während der Pressekonferenz des Films mal wieder von seiner kontroversen Seite (Hier ab Minute 33 zu sehen):

The only thing I can tell you is that I thought I was a Jew for a long time and was very happy being a Jew, then later on came [Danish and Jewish director] Susanne Bier, and suddenly I wasn‘t so happy about being a Jew. That was a joke. Sorry. But it turned out that I was not a Jew. If I‘d been a Jew, then I would be a second-wave Jew, a kind of a new-wave Jew, but anyway, I really wanted to be a Jew and then I found out that I was really a Nazi, because my family is German. And that also gave me some pleasure. So, I, what can I say? I understand Hitler. I think he did some wrong things but I can see him sitting in his bunker. [Kirsten Dunst goes, „Oh God!“ and hides uncomfortably behind Lars.] I‘m saying that I think I understand the man. He is not what we could call a good guy, but yeah, I understand much about him and I sympathize with him … But come on! I‘m not for the Second World War. And I‘m not against Jews. No, not even Susanne Bier. I am very much for them. As much as Israelis are a pain in the ass. How do I get out of this sentence? Okay, I am a Nazi. As for the art, I‘m for Speer. Albert Speer I liked. He was also one of God’s best children. He has a talent that … Okay, enough.

In den Kommentaren des dazugehörigen Arikel im Guardian, finden sich überraschenderweise ein paar Perlen:

The six most awful words you can read on a TV/cinema screen, ‚A film by Lars von Trier‘.

An ‚artist‘ whose inane comments are more noteworthy than his ‚work‘.

Verbally incontinent diarrhea with more than a hint of pebble-dash. A man who appears to talk like he directs.

His use of the word „Nazi“ is just an attempt to defuse its negative implications, after decades of it being used as a way of dismissing anyone with an opinion. He will soon announce a more thorough initiative called NaziWalk, where people who are erroneously called Nazis seek to take ownership of the word by bearing placards proclaiming their love of Wagner, Nietszche and blonde hair.

Today a Cannes press conference was appalled as Danish enfant terrible Lars Von Trier described himself as ‚a director‘. Critics and reporters were left open-mouthed as he repeatedly used the word ‚director‘, at one stage even describing his work as ‚films.‘

He was misquoted he actually said “ I‘m an arsehole.“

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