KONY 2012

KONY 2012 ist eine Kampagne für die Festnahme von Joseph Kony. Christopher Hitchens beschrieb ihn 1996 in einem Artikel für Vanity Fair folgendermaßen [via]:

Kony grew up in a Gulu Province village called Odek. He appointed himself the Lord’s anointed prophet for the Acholi people of northern Uganda in 1987, and by the mid-90s was receiving arms and cash from Sudan. He probably suffers from multiple-personality disorder, and he takes his dreams for prophecies. He goes into trances in which he speaks into a tape recorder and plays back the resulting words as commands. He has helped himself to about 50 captives as „wives,“ claiming Old Testament authority for this (King Solomon had 700 spouses), often insisting—partly for biblical reasons and partly for the more banal reason of AIDS dread—that they be virgins. He used to anoint his followers with a holy oil mashed from indigenous shea-butter nuts, and now uses „holy water,“ which he tells his little disciples will make them invulnerable to bullets. He has claimed to be able to turn stones into hand grenades, and many of his devotees say that they have seen him do it. He warns any child tempted to run away that the baptismal fluids are visible to him forever and thus they can always be found again. (He can also identify many of his „children“ by the pattern of lashes that they earned while under his tender care.) Signs of his disapproval include the cutting off of lips, noses, and breasts in the villages he raids and, to deter informers, a padlock driven through the upper and lower lips.

Nachtrag: Kony 2012: a viral mess

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1 Antwort auf “KONY 2012”

  1. 1 Manuel 08. März 2012 um 11:03 Uhr

    Wirklich bemerkenswert wie die halbe Welt nun dafür kämpft. Die späte Reaktion der Politik ist eine Schande, denn erst jetzt, wo’s jeder erfahren kann und sich dafür interessiert, beginnt man sich hierfür richtig einzusetzen. Endlich tut sich mal was.

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