Gèrard Depardieu mag Dominique Strauss-Kahn nicht

Im neuen Film von Abel Ferrara soll Gèrard Depardieu Dominique Strauss-Kahn spielen. In einem Interview hat er bereits seine Meinung über DSK kundgetan, die wenig mit dessen jüngsten Fehltritten zu tun hat.

„Because I don‘t like him, I‘ll do it,“ said Depardieu to Swiss Radio Television (RTS). Having said that, the actor then went to town on both Strauss-Kahn and also almost everybody in France. „I think he’s a little like all of the French, a bit arrogant. I don‘t like the French very much…He’s very French, arrogant and smug, so he’s playable.“

He went on to add that it wasn‘t Strauss-Kahn’s compulsions that bothered him, but „the way he walks around with his hand in his pocket,“ which, taken idiomatically, goes back to arrogance.

Würde DSK sich doch ein Beispiel an Nicolas Sarkozy nehmen, über welchen Depardieu im gleichen Interview sagt:

„Every time I ask Sarko to do something, he has responded straight away. When I had problems with one of my foreign businesses, he did everything he could to solve the problem straight away. When I call him, he calls me back within a quarter of an hour. He’s the president of the republic, I‘m just an actor, and he rings me straight away. He’s extraordinary.

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