Trailer: Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story

Die Dokumentation erzählt die Lebensgeschichte des Bruders von Benjamin Netanyahu. Er verlor sein Leben bei der Operation Entebbe. Durch seine Rolle, als Anführer der Befreiung der jüdischen Geiseln aus den Händen von PFLP und Revolutionären Zellen, wurde er zu einem der größten Helden Israels. So beschreibt ihn der Regisseur in der Pressemappe folgendermaßen:

Unlike many army heroes, Yoni Netanyahu was a scholar, writer, and poet. He hated war—but loved his country. He would do anything for its survival, including sacrificing a promising academic career to becom e an elite soldier. Everything Yoni did, he did “all the way.” This was the mentality that made him into a war hero and vaunted Special Forces commander. But it also separated him from the woman he loved and destroyed his marriage. Yoni tried unsuccessfully to find a balance between a civilian life and the life of a soldier —and this flaw hurt the people closest to him.

(via PJ Media)

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