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Mixtape: Don‘t stop!

Don't Stop! from markusmaria on 8tracks Radio.

Alfred Hitchcock erklärt die Kunst des Filmschnitts

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Trailer zur Paul Kimmage/Tour de France-Dokumentation Rough Rider

The most spectacular sporting event in the world in 2013 will take place next July, when for twenty‐one days, the 100th Tour de France sees 180 cyclists pedal over 3,000km around the French countryside. This grueling event will be cheered on by huge roadside crowds and accompanied by the mighty caravan of global media, sponsors, medics and support staff that keep the wheels turning.

Within that media scrum sits one of the worlds most cantankerous sports journalists. Paul Kimmage has spent the last 22 years fighting to rid his most beautiful sport of doping. The former professional cyclist is detested by many in the sport, led by Lance Armstrong, fellow journalists and heads of the world cycling governing body.

Throughout the twenty‐one days of the most grueling road race, we travel with journalist Paul Kimmage in his caravan, giving us an extraordinary insight into the fascinating, beautiful and often shocking world of professional cycling. At its heart this is a story of one man’s unrequited love for his sport.

Right now, there is no sport with a bigger credibility fight on its hands than cycling, and no event where genuine romance coexists so uncomfortably with hideous reality than the Tour de France. Told against the backdrop of the centenary Tour, and through the eyes of one of the most aggravated whistleblowers in sports journalism, we are going on a journey that could prove to be one of the most contentious sports films of our time.

Due for completion: November 2013

[Wildfire Films, via Donald McRae]

Mixtape: Bonjour tristesse

Bonjour tristesse from markusmaria on 8tracks Radio.

Patton Oswalts Star Wars-Filibuster

Bonuslink: Patton Oswalt zu Boston
Bonuslink 2: Batman vs. The Penguin (Patton Oswalt)

David Foster Wallace über Ambitionen

„Any student whose deployment of a semicolon is not absolutely Mozart-esque knows that they‘re going to get a C in my class.“

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Trailer: Menahem Golan – Life of a Cinemaniac

Eine längst überfällige Dokumentation zum Aufstieg und Fall von Cannon Films bzw. Menahem Golan. Es gab wohl kein anderes Filmstudio, das so stark die achtziger Jahre repräsentierte. Einen guten Überblick über ihren Output bietet diese Seite.

Trailer: A Different League: Where Next in the Evolution of Women’s Football?

A Different League: Where Next in the Evolution of Women’s Football? is a feature length documentary focusing on the success, development and future of the women’s game played in England.

Produced by Plus44 Films, A Different League joins women’s football after the phenomenal success of the London 2012 Olympic games. With extensive access to leading figures within the women’s game at the Football Association, as well as in-depth focus on Arsenal Ladies and Charlton Athletic Women, ADL kicks opens the door to women’s football as never seen before.

[A Different League, via Andy Brassel]