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Halloween mit Stephen Colbert und Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks mit Slam Poetry zur Serie ‚Full House‘

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Jean-Claude Van Damme enthüllt seine Statue in Belgien


Hitchens zum Sonntag

Eine Diskussion aus dem Jahr 2007 zu seinem Buch God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

Jon Stewart versus Bill O’Reilly, die 4. Runde

David Foster Wallace über Sportler-Interviews

This stuff is stupefying, and yet it also seems to be inevitable, maybe even necessary. The baritones in network blazers keep coming up after games, demanding of physical geniuses these recombinant strings of dead clichés, strings that after a while start to sound like a strange kind of lullaby, and which of course no network would solicit and broadcast again and again if there weren‘t a large and serious audience out here who find the banalities right and good. As if the emptiness in these athletes‘ descriptions of their feelings confirmed something we need to believe.

aus dem Essay How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart

Jon Stewart in seiner ersten Sendung nach dem 11. September

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How to Deal with a „truther“ (Christopher Hitchens style)

Zum 30. Todestag: Patricia Clarkson über Ingrid Bergman

Saima Wahab stellt ihr Buch „In My Father’s Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate“ vor