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30 Asiatische Riesenhornissen gegen 30.000 Honigbienen


Ein Naturschützer verabschiedet sich

So Paul Kingsnorth schreibt in seinem Artikel Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist [via The Daily Dish]:

I became an “environmentalist” because of a strong emotional reaction to wild places and the other-than-human world: to beech trees and hedgerows and pounding waterfalls, to songbirds and sunsets, to the flying fish in the Java Sea and the canopy of the rainforest at dusk when the gibbons come to the waterside to feed. From that reaction came a feeling, which became a series of thoughts: that such things are precious for their own sake, that they are food for the human soul, and that they need people to speak for them to, and defend them from, other people, because they cannot speak our language and we have forgotten how to speak theirs. And because we are killing them to feed ourselves and we know it and we care about it, sometimes, but we do it anyway because we are hungry, or we have persuaded ourselves that we are.

But these are not, I think, very common views today. Today’s environmentalism is as much a victim of the contemporary cult of utility as every other aspect of our lives, from science to education. We are not environmentalists now because we have an emotional reaction to the wild world. Most of us wouldn’t even know where to find it. We are environmentalists now in order to promote something called “sustainability.”

The croplands and even the rainforests, the richest habitats on this terrestrial Earth, are already highly profitable sites for biofuel plantations designed to provide guilt-free car fuel to the motion-hungry masses of Europe and America.

It is the mass destruction of the world’s remaining wild places in order to feed the human economy. And without any sense of irony, people are calling this “environmentalism.”

Trailer: How to Build a Time Machine

How to Build a Time Machine soll der zweite Langfilm,nach Beauty Day, des Documentary-Bloggers und Film Junk-Podcasters Jay Cheel werden. Um das restliche Geld für die Produktion aufzutreiben, hat er den folgenden Trailer zusammengeschnitten. [via Hot Docs]

How to Build a Time Machine – Doc Ignite Campaign Video from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

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Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power

Lesenswerter Kommentar von George Monbiot bei

But the energy source to which most economies will revert if they shut down their nuclear plants is not wood, water, wind or sun, but fossil fuel. On every measure (climate change, mining impact, local pollution, industrial injury and death, even radioactive discharges) coal is 100 times worse than nuclear power. Thanks to the expansion of shale gas production, the impacts of natural gas are catching up fast.

Your health depends on where you live


Klimawandel als Religionsersatz?

Geier vs. Windrad

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