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Jürgen Klinsmann über Deutschland

Via Sport1:

„Wir (Deutschen) stehen dafür, dass wir agieren statt reagieren. Wir stehen für Angriff“, befand er, um dann hinzuzufügen: „Unglücklicherweise hat das Land in den letzten hundert Jahren ja zweimal in die falsche Richtung angegriffen.“ Deutschland sei eine „proaktive Nation“.

Sylvester Stallone über Jean-Claude van Damme


… Don’t you think it’s important when putting together a team that each are of one mind and one goal, not an iconoclastic contrarian who purposely finds fault in everything until finally you realize that some people exist on certain planes and these planes shall never meet. I like Claude, and Claude likes himself, so that makes it unanimous. He has his agenda, which works for him, but a movie like THE EXPENDABLES is a very grueling ordeal. One must be a team player for the goals to be achieved. So sometimes things don’t work out, but I find it’s all for the best.