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Trailer: Bullet to the Head

Dies ist der dritte Trailer (The Last Stand & Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning), der diese Woche zum US-Start von The Expendables 2 erschienen ist. Leider scheint es sich, trotz Walter Hills Rückkehr auf den Regiestuhl, nur um einen üblichen Buddy-Cop-Film zu handeln.(via Film School Rejects)

Teaser: The Expendables 2

Kann eigentlich nur besser als der erste Teil werden.


Rhymefest – Build Me Up (feat. O.D.B.)

Dieses Juwel habe ich dank dem Filmdrunk Frotcast entdeckt.

The Expendables entschlüsselt

Zumn heutigen Kinostart von The Expendables erklärt ein achtjähriger Junge, worum es in dem Film geht. [via /Film]

Sylvester Stallone über Jean-Claude van Damme


… Don’t you think it’s important when putting together a team that each are of one mind and one goal, not an iconoclastic contrarian who purposely finds fault in everything until finally you realize that some people exist on certain planes and these planes shall never meet. I like Claude, and Claude likes himself, so that makes it unanimous. He has his agenda, which works for him, but a movie like THE EXPENDABLES is a very grueling ordeal. One must be a team player for the goals to be achieved. So sometimes things don’t work out, but I find it’s all for the best.

Doch kein Rambo V?

rambo again

Laut Screen Rant sieht es schlecht aus:

Sheryl Main, the publicist for The Expendables has been keeping a blog chronicling the development of the star-studded film (which opens this summer) – and she appears pretty close to the Stallone camp. Main recently posted the following comment on her blog – a comment that appears to state that there will be no more missions for John Rambo:“A few months ago I mentioned Sly dropped a bombshell…that bombshell was…no Rambo 5…when he decides what his next move is I will update…”

Nachtrag: In einem Interview mit Empire bestätigt Sly das Ende von Rambo: (mehr…)

JCVD und The Expendables, die 2.

Sly erzählt aus seiner Sicht, warum JCVD eine Rolle in The Expendables ablehnte:

… Van Damme just had complications about the…a lot of this has been blown out of proportion. Supposedly, he said ‘What is the character’s motivation?’ And I supposedly said, ‘Well, we’re making lots of money!’ Which I never said. I’ve never said that in my entire life! I said, ‘It’s about you and Jet Li. He defeats you.’ And he says, ‘That’s impossible!’ And I go, ‘It’s a movie.’ And he goes, ‘But it could never happen!’ And he said, ‘Why don’t you think of doing some other kind of movie? Maybe something that has to do with inner-city politics? And I go, ‘Well, that’s a little removed from where I’m at. So you hang in there and keep punching.’ A lot has been made out of it. He’s going in a whole different direction with his career and he just didn’t want to go there. I wish he had. There’s always a sequel, so who knows?”

Offizieller Trailer zu The Expendables

Alles Wissenswerte zum Film gibt es hier.

Poster: The Expendables

The Expendables

Alles Wissenswerte zum Film gibt es hier. [via Trailer Addict]

JCVD und The Expendables

Van Damme erzählt, auf leicht humoristische Art, warum er eine Rolle in The Expendables ablehnte.

Nachtrag: Slys Antwort via StalloneZone:

Van Damme may mean a great deal to some of you, but what he’s putting forth is not truthful.